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Marketing for Global Social Networking Trends | OMMA Social

Social networking is a global experience.  The advent of social networking allows almost instant communication across the world.  The impact of social networking on people’s digital experience cannot be discounted.

This OMMA Social presentation looks at social networking around the world and delves into what impacts the social trends.  Eli Goodman, evangelist at comScore looks at the trends across the globe and showing how social has influenced the digital world.

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Social networking is the most popular online activity

  • 75% of social networking time is dedicated to Facebook
  • 82.4% of the world population is using social networking
  • 20% of time spent online is spent on social networking
  • 1 in 7 minutes online is spent on Facebook


  • Most engaged social networkers are in Latin America
  • 1/3 of the world social networkers are in Asia Pacific
  • Males and users age 55+ are the fastest growing social media segment, & LinkedIn is a big driver

5 markets where Facebook is not the leading social network

  • Russia
  • China
  • Poland
  • Japan
  • South Korea

Advertising stats

  • 25% of display ads are on social, and most are interactive, but social ad spending accounts for only 15% of budget
  • 5% of ads in the US are socially enabled (“follow us on Twitter,” “Like us on Facebook,” etc…)
  • 15% of ad spending is within social media sites in the US

Pinterest, the social media disruptor

  • Pinterest is aspirational & forward-thinking
  • Pinterest was the first to tap into the idea of “potential memories,” with people creating boards like “my future wedding” etc.

 Mobile matters

  • 10% of online time is accessed via a mobile device
  • Mobile devices will drive long-term social media use
  • It’s been “The Year of Mobile” since 2003, but 2011 was the true year of mobile with tablets, touchscreens, etc.

As a marketer, you should know your niche market, understand your audience, and create relevant content for your demographic. But you should also globalize your efforts and be aware that social networking is a worldwide phenomena, spanning across cultures and impacting different groups. Don’t be intimidated: Be excited by the world of opportunity that social networking provides!

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From Fans to Advocates: Creating an Active Fan Base | OMMA Social

We have all used it: The Like button on Facebook.  This simple button allows you to publicy share your interests in everything from hobbies, to music, to brands.  The Like button is great for exposure, but how do you, as a brand, get your fans to go beyond the Like and become a more outspoken consumer?  Through engaging them with carefully crafted content!

Dr. Augustine Fou, founder and CEO of Marketing Science Consulting Group, moderated OMMA Social Panel, “From Passive to Active: Stimulating Your Fan Base Into Social Action.”

Use these tips to learn how to rile your fans and consumers to be active and long-term spokespersons for your brand.

The Panel

Social media

  • Drives brand strategy
  • Engages consumers & promotes conversation:  Ask questions, get answers
  • Informs brands of consumers behaviors
  • Reduces risk through consumer behavior study
  • Adds another dimension to your campaign(s)

Best practices

  • Focus on community
  • Enable communication/peer research
  • Give advice and reviews
  • Give audience some control
    • Social amplification is done best when carried out by the audience, not the brand
  • Handle your own social campaigns

How Intel uses social

  • To identify and learn consumer needs
  • Then use insights to feed product innovation
  • Intel is always keeping conversations and content flowing


  • People share to feel that they matter: Brands should do the same on social
  • Educate your team to be content creators & get over one-way advertising
  • Find social influencers who are passionate about your brand!


  • Look at your content process:  Content planning is essential
  • Share things that are relevant and grasp attention
  • Social is one-to-one conversation
  • Focus on Facebook content strategy more than ad strategy

In social, content is KEY!  This cannot be stressed enough.  When ‘doing’ social, create content that is compelling and conversational: Make your fans more than an audience: advocates for your brand.

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