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Content and editorial client testimonials

Client testimonials for content strategy and editorial direction

American Council for International Studies (ACIS)

“I’ve worked with Sue off and on since 2005 and have been impressed with the variety of tasks we can throw at her and receive high-quality results. Over the years she has edited our catalog, written trip itineraries for use in print and on the web and conducted interviews with some of our past travel participants, which Sue then wove into travel “epiphanies” for us. With each assignment, the time required to get Sue up to speed has been minimal and the end product has been as good as (or better than!) if we’d done it ourselves.” — Jeff Hild ACIS Boston

ECCOgen Affinity Group

“Sue has been infinitely helpful in taking our complex ideas and distilling them into easily understandable language. Our communications include B2B and B2C materials, and Sue has proven time after time her ability to quickly grasp the macro concept and translate it into plain English. Whether Sue has generated the copy or it was provided by our internal team, Sue applies the polish that makes our work shine. It’s been great working with Sue over several years, and I look forward to many projects in the future.” — ECCOgen Affinity Group Boston

Ocean Sailing Academy

“Thank you so much for analyzing our brochure. I like your suggestions; you’ve really tightened up several areas that were vague or wordy. I especially like the way you organized the lead-in page: I wouldn’t have thought to put buttons there, but realize that it’s an excellent place to begin focusing readers’ attention. You found several editable items that I, a past magazine editor, failed to notice while caught up in the enthusiasm of expression. Nice to know I’ve got someone covering my tail.” — Anne Goold  Ocean Sailing Academy Charleston, SC

eBook author Ken Lovering

“Sue was integral to the completion of my book Travel on a Dime Now. The book itself was a huge undertaking, and when I got lost in the detail of it all, she provided invaluable substantive and line editing so that my writing spoke to the reader clearly and smoothly. I can strongly recommend her services.” — Ken Lovering

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