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Blogging, Web Content & Optimizing Profit Potential

Blogging, Web Content & Optimizing: What Do I Get?

By Suzanne McDonald

Blogging and developing web content are both time-consuming and/or expensive. An engaged audience at the Rhode Island Hospitality Association’s Marketing Seminar took notes and asked a number of great questions.

I explained how to save time and money with clear strategies and tactics I used with clients to ensure Designated Editor is as effective and efficient as we can be to boost clients’ bottom line. I focused on FREE resources and tactics to generate content and boost visibility via Google and other Search Engines.

Along the way I threw in some anecdotes about negativity, such as how to respond to gripey Yelpers, for example.  Take a look below and see what you missed at the Rhode Island Hospitality Association’s Marketing Summit.



Master B2B Video Marketing | BrightTALK video webcast

Get camera-ready and start focusing.  The trend of using rich media, such as video, on business websites is increasing. Audiences have been engaging actively with rich media websites, generating higher visibility.

How can you incorporate video in your marketing campaign? How can you use video on your website to lure business followers?  And, how can you make this video exciting, and purposeful?

This BrightTALK video, featuring experts from Edelman and Velocity Partners, discusses the best practices in B2B video creation, including how to use video in marketing strategy and current trends.

Watch the BrightTALK video on how to make video!

Versatile video

  • Storytelling: Create a beginning, middle, and end
  • Can use in all marketing tactics: Teaching, demos, etc…
  • Video works in increasing views for all businesses

Content is king

  • Create depth and vision
  • Aim for engagement
  • Structure videos strategically
  • Be an authority on your topic
  • Represent your brand

Content characteristics

  • Purpose: Nail objective & story
  • Tight script
  • Expert generated
  • Establish trust
  • Transparency


  • Track how long people watch
  • Track sentiments, measure comments
  • Analyze results and then adapt

Best practices

  • Fit your audience: “If you speak to everyone, you speak to no one”
  • Humanize messages
  • Summarize points at beginning of video
  • Visuals, use graphics
  • Be careful with comedy, avoid “cheese”
  • Practice, create natural flow

Example: Video savvy Pete Matthews & ‘Meaningful Money’

It’s your turn, start creating your B2B video

  • Establish objective & strategy
  • Find your story
  • Use team of experts
  • Create several videos
  • Embed on YouTube, go where your audience is
  • Engage audience

Use video marketing to increase your B2B visibility. Standing out with strong content is necessary, so be sure to create a purposeful and informative story that targets your intended audience.

On a final note, remember video is only ONE  part of your marketing campaign.  After sharing your video, keep conversation going with your target audience. Tell them a story, while creating a strong relationship with them.

For more expert insight, check out these tips from professionals in the video-marketing field: