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Book review: ‘Social Media Playbook for Business’

Tom Funk’s Social Media Playbook for Business

Tom Funk’s “Social Media Playbook for Business: Reaching Your Online Community with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and More” covers various aspects of social media, from strategy to platforms, plus “next level,” successes, fails, and the future of social media.

Funk’s Strategy chapter covers everything from:

  • Listening
  • Ownership
  • Legal
  • Establishing mission
  • Publishing a plan
  • Goals
  • Tracking
  • ROI
  • Is my company right for Social Media?

Managers who are not directly involved with day-to-day social media may find Funk’s explanations most helpful. He covers:

  • Social media platforms
  • Competitive analysis
  • Monitoring blogs and social platforms

Unfortunately Funk is not as in-depth as some other books I’ve reviewed when discussing what to expect when hiring consultants.

Funk does discuss the importance of writing a social media business plan, however. He explains formulating a social media plan like a business plan, translating how social media can benefit businesses in a language more oriented to MBAs than marketing/communications specialists.

A social media business plan, like a business plan would include:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Operations plan
  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • ROI

Funk does a great job in explaining earned vs paid media. Also, the Future chapter digs into:

  • Social shopping
  • Neuro-linguistic programming
  • How social media is likely to integrate with our everyday expectations
  • How social becomes the new “normal”

Published February 2011, Tom Funk’s Social Media Playbook for Business will assist business owners and managers with creating a social media plan for businesses to evolve and leverage Social Media. The Social Media Playbook is available on Amazon.com and or other booksellers.

The Social Media Playbook for Business: Reaching Your Online Community with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and More

By: Tom Funk
Published: Feb. 2, 2011
Best for: Larger businesses, higher-level managers who may not be handling day-to-day social media firsthand.

How social media can boost ratings and your brand, an OMMA Social panel

A funny thing happened on the way to the tweetstream:  Ratings for major TV events, from Conan O’Brien’s last “Tonight Show” to March Madness to the Super Bowl were all huge. The watercooler effect of social media is largely responsible; creating a new form of reach and frequency that is having a powerful impact on the fragmented TV landscape.

“Cashing in on Conan – How Social Media Can Goose Ratings, And Your Brand, Too”  was the hot topic of discussion at this OMMA Social panel.  View panel video here.

Moderator Catharine P. Taylor, Columnist, MediaPost


Sloan Broderick, Managing Partner, Managing Director, MediaCom Interaction

Karen Cahn, Head of Sales, YouTube Partners, YouTube

Ed Carey, VP Sales, Undertone Networks

Gannon Hall, COO, Kyte

Ian Schafer, CEO, Deep Focus

What are the implications of this new phenomenon not only on entertainment properties, but also on brands? And how can they effectively harness the social audience to their benefit?

Since 2006

  • YouTube viewership has increased from 400,000 to 2 billion views a day
  • Twitter did not exist
  • 80% more people watching the World Cup

The use of the Internet and social media to spread messages is not going to go away.  How should businesses use this to leverage their brands?


  • Crucial to stand out
  • Prepare your campaign.  Do research.  Look at what your customers want.
  • Invest in creativity that builds on additional engagement, up-sell to advertisers, monetize and interact

Social media methods

  • YouTube: Longevity, evergreen content, most-viewed content is 6 months old
  • Groupon: Scarcity and guilt
  • World Cup:  An example of great creativity and large audience aggregated at a point in time
  • Bing: Established Home Cup bars; gathers people with similar interests & creates communal event
  • 4Square:  Took badges and built in freebies at the bar

Social media & MadMen success

  • Reverse engineering: How to get people to become better viewers
  • Tune in every week when it aired (Monday at watercooler)
  • How can we convince someone to watch a show?
  • Did things to pull the trigger: MadMenYourself.com
  • Has evergreen qualities, people blog about it dozens times a day,  an opportunity to cultivate a new viewer
  • Good programming rewards loyal viewers: rethreading old themes

This panel imparts the focus that to succeed with social media:  One must be creative, see how different social media venues work, and learn from past examples.