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Social Media Bible by Lon Safko | Video Book Review

The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools and Strategies for Business Success, Second Edition – by Lon Safko

The Social Media Bible is a 700-page “encyclopedia”-esque book is best used as a resource where you can pick and choose the sections you would like to read.



  • Target audiences could be better defined for different digital platforms
  • Usability is difficult & descriptions could be better
  • Introduction section in most chapters is excessive
  • Expert interviews do not always relate to their respective chapters

The Social Media Bible, second edition, By Lon Safko

Publication date: October 28, 2010

Bottom Line:  “Cherry-pick” your way through this book.  Case studies are useful for tips but target audiences for different platforms needs to be redefined.

Mobile Strategies for Event Marketing | A CrowdTorch Webinar

With the creation of Smartphones comes their respective software: the “mobile apps.”  Mobile apps are designed to make your life easier (and more fun) by providing maps, restaurant reviews, games, news, and a multitude of other interesting features. It is not surprising then that apps for event planning and event marketing have been developed.

Are you an event planner, coordinator, or do you work for an agency that plans large-scale events?  This webinar, Mobile Strategies for Event Marketing, offers some tips on how to use mobile apps for event planning purposes.

Hosted by CrowdTorch, a division of Cvent, Brian Ludwig, VP of Sales at CVent, and Camille Wingo, Sales Executive at CrowdTorch, were the webinar speakers.

CrowdTouch has created customized apps for TOMS, Toyota, and many other notable companies, conferences, concerts, and organizations.

Mobile apps stats for the ‘average’ user

  • 74% of adults own a smartphone
  • 77 minutes per day are spent using apps
  • The phone is looked at 150 times each day
  • 65 apps are installed on phone

Bottom line:  “This is not a fad” says Brian Ludwig: Mobile usage is on the rise and apps are here to stay.  In 3-4 years all large event, tour, and marketing initiatives will have a mobile app.

Benefits of native mobile apps

  • Native App: Installed on phone, not found on web means users can access content anywhere
  • Direct access at the palm of your hand with real-time updates
  • Customized for individual events & personalized experience
  • Social media engagement
  • Provides logistics & analytics for event organizers
  • Eco-friendly:  Reduces printing!
  • Synch-able with smartphone device features: contacts, GPS, etc…

Mobile Apps basics

  • Brand reflection:  Make app content brand-focused and unique
  • Target audience: Cater to audiences’ personal wants from event & make user-friendly
  • Generate $$ through sponsorships: Banners on apps, use logo on apps, personalized sponsor sections
  • Interactive: Maps, real-time weather, rich media (YouTube) and social media
  • Push notifications: Send announcements and updates

Market your mobile app

  • Website: Call-to-action on site for super-easy download of app
  • Emails: Share app with users via email when event is near
  • Blog: Show off app on blog
  • Social media: Share the app on all platforms
  • User ratings: Urge users to provide feedback

Case studies

Big Day Out: A traveling Australian music festival that went to 6 locations.  The app created for this event allowed the user to pick the location they wanted to see the concert in, and the app delivered the details accordingly.  Bonus: Successful in consistent branding throughout navigation.

National Cherry Blossom Festival: User can see every event and sort by date, location, category, and use basic search.  Bonus: Allowed user to create their personalized agenda.

Insomnia: Wanted one “mothership app,” which allows users to access all events and pick what interests them, personally.

What’s next

  • Ticket integration: Buy & share tickets directly on app
  • RFID Technology: “Bracelet” that allows greater accessibility to activities during event
  • Gamification, photo sharing & amplification, lead capture

This short but succinct webinar hosted by CrowdTorch presented the upside of using an app for your event marketing initiatives. With significant success stories and great insider tips, why not try creating a mobile app for your next event?

Marketing for Global Social Networking Trends | OMMA Social

Social networking is a global experience.  The advent of social networking allows almost instant communication across the world.  The impact of social networking on people’s digital experience cannot be discounted.

This OMMA Social presentation looks at social networking around the world and delves into what impacts the social trends.  Eli Goodman, evangelist at comScore looks at the trends across the globe and showing how social has influenced the digital world.

Watch the presentation

Social networking is the most popular online activity

  • 75% of social networking time is dedicated to Facebook
  • 82.4% of the world population is using social networking
  • 20% of time spent online is spent on social networking
  • 1 in 7 minutes online is spent on Facebook


  • Most engaged social networkers are in Latin America
  • 1/3 of the world social networkers are in Asia Pacific
  • Males and users age 55+ are the fastest growing social media segment, & LinkedIn is a big driver

5 markets where Facebook is not the leading social network

  • Russia
  • China
  • Poland
  • Japan
  • South Korea

Advertising stats

  • 25% of display ads are on social, and most are interactive, but social ad spending accounts for only 15% of budget
  • 5% of ads in the US are socially enabled (“follow us on Twitter,” “Like us on Facebook,” etc…)
  • 15% of ad spending is within social media sites in the US

Pinterest, the social media disruptor

  • Pinterest is aspirational & forward-thinking
  • Pinterest was the first to tap into the idea of “potential memories,” with people creating boards like “my future wedding” etc.

 Mobile matters

  • 10% of online time is accessed via a mobile device
  • Mobile devices will drive long-term social media use
  • It’s been “The Year of Mobile” since 2003, but 2011 was the true year of mobile with tablets, touchscreens, etc.

As a marketer, you should know your niche market, understand your audience, and create relevant content for your demographic. But you should also globalize your efforts and be aware that social networking is a worldwide phenomena, spanning across cultures and impacting different groups. Don’t be intimidated: Be excited by the world of opportunity that social networking provides!

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Turning Fans Into More Than Just Followers | OMMA Social

OMMA Social’s first keynote, “Turning Fans Into More Than Just Followers,” showed how to foster and grow active audience engagement.

View more PowerPoint from MediaPost


Stemming from his experience in the broadcast and digital realm, VP of Marketing for Turner Sports Jeff Mirman described how Turner Sports keeps followers engaged and devoted to the programming.  As social media becomes increasingly advanced (and users as well), a strong digital strategy is fundamental to success.

It’s not just about having the most “likes” on social platforms but keeping followers and friends as long-term consumers of your brand.

Social media

  • Social media is simply another database with more information than other sources
  • Use SM to drive awareness, elongate programming, and create impact

Turner Sports’ Social Media examples

  • Inside the NBA – fans tweet throughout broadcast
  • NCAA March Madness – fans comments are displayed on the “big screen” during games

How to use social media to keep fans


  • Represent across platforms
  • Converse with your followers
    • Create cross-platform engaging experience
  • Innovate


  • More important than the medium
  • Where does the content fit best?  Be flexible and innovative
  • Provide relevancy for your audienceOMMA Social Keynote

Content strategy

  • Tell a story
  • Drive engagement & promote sharing
  • Right place, right content, right time
  • Drive “cultivation” which drives “amplification” (by your fans, not you the advertiser)

Elongation, It’s The New ‘Reach’

  • Engage with consumers via their “second screens”
  • Second screens: Off the TV onto the computer, tablet, etc.
  • Create reasons to visit the website, etc.
  • Greater value to sponsors

Social media and fan engagement has worked for Turner Sports through innovation and passion.  Turner Sports has leveraged social media to gain insight, build the brand, and create PR ops.

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How to Make Money With Social Media | Video Book Review

Monetize your social media efforts with lessons from Jamie Turner and Reshma Shah’s book, How to Make Money With Social Media: An Insider’s Guide on Using New and Emerging Media to Grow Your Business.  In this book, these two marketing professionals give the inside scoop on strategies and tactics to gain value and make money from your social media efforts.

Published on September 20, 2010, Turner and Shah‘s book digs into the various social media platforms and how to utilize each for your business.  It also covers how to create a campaign strategy, how to strengthen your brand, and how to size up your competition. Plus the quick start guides provide a solid 101 for the social media novice.

How to Make Money With Social Media is comprised of 25 chapters divided into 6 sections addressing the various social media platforms.

Sections in How to Make Money With Social Media

  • Social media landscape
  • How to set yourself up for social media success
  • Social media platforms
  • Social media integration
  • Measurement
  • Conclusion

In these chapters, the authors delve into

  • Email Newsletters
  • Content aggregators
  • Wikis
  • Voting
  • Forums
  • Virtual worlds

Turner and Shah’s How to Make Money With Social Media is authoritative and highly engaging.  The text also includes quizzes, such as “are you set up to create circular momentum with your social media campaign?” to further readers’ development.

This book is a solid read for social media experts to novices who would like to grow and develop their business with social media.

How to Make Money With Social Media: An Insider’s Guide on Using New and Emerging Media to Grow Your Business

By Jamie Turner and Reshma Shah

Published September 20, 2010

Best for: Brands considering social media and experts looking for some new idea triggers.