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We have to ask: Who are these people and how can we make it easy to buy? Rishad Tobaccowala: “Data Doesn’t Bleed” Keynote at OMMA Behavioral

Agencies, consultants, B2Bs need to listen to clients: They really want to know what their customers want

State of the market

  • Too much plumbing not enough poetry
  • Too much keeping an eye on money sources: VCs are not the answer
  • Not possible to understand a person based on 6 pieces of data, mostly beyond behavioral
  • We need to think much broader about people, need to be thinking both off and online
  • It’s not about pure simplicity

Marketers’ perceptions

  • 33% say behavioral is important
  • 50% say paid search
  • 30% say SEO

Don’t underestimate how overworked agencies are or how smart they have become

Keep in mind what are they looking for

  1. Continuous improvement
  2. Service (answer the phone)
  3. Collaboration

Recommendations for online agencies and marketers

  • Trust is lacking – across all industries – trust expedites speed
  • If you’re doing a powerpoint, you’ve already lost, you’re defending
  • Take clients out for a drink and treat them like people
  • There should be a strong link between behavioral and creative agencies.

Rishad Tobaccowala @rishadt serves as a key component of the VivaKi executive management board (Digitas, Razorfish), where he oversees innovation and reinvention efforts … Prior to his current role, Tobaccowala was CEO of Denuo – a Publicis Groupe company that invents, inspires and instigates new forms of creativity to help brands meet challenges of modern marketplaces.

OMMA Behavioral: Winning the Data Games of 2010
“Data, data everywhere. But which attributes and behaviors really match your marketing goals? In 2009, new technologies and layers of user data flooded the marketplace — from social affinities to purchase patterns, demand-side agency platforms to optimization platforms for both buy side and sell sides. But in 2010, marketers need to roll up their sleeves and make these tools work more efficiently for their clients. It is not just about vetting the vendors and running tests anymore. Real money is coming online to be allocated in ways that prove effectiveness. Execution is key, and behavioral targeting is now an integral part of that marketing mix.”

How the new socialism is destroying the old capitalism with Terence Kawaja, GCA Savvian Advisors at OMMA Global

How the New Socialism Is Destroying the Old Capitalism
Terence Kawaja, Managing Director, GCA Savvian Advisors
at OMMA Global

Traditional media is:

  • like real estate, have to buy
  • like religions, never sure what’s working

Social media development didn’t arrive overnight
Broadcast moved to narrow cast, then to digital and to social

Each has distinct characteristics, infinite choice

  • Social media hard to predict
  • SM advertising potential is still TBD
  • Being too early is the same as being wrong
  • User-generated content still not supported by advertisers

Advertiser’s challenge: is there a market?

  • What happens when it’s unpaid, and therefore not in your control?
  • What about usage and scalability?
  • What other opportunities are there to target audiences on many dimensions?
  • How do you capture engagement?

More notes from OMMA New York 2009:

How Dunkin Does Social … mmm donuts at OMMA Global

Transforming Social Media Connections Into Qualified Leads at OMMA Global

How Dunkin Does Social … mmm donuts at OMMA Global

How Dunkin Does Social at OMMA Global

Frances Allen, Brand Marketing Officer, Dunkin’ Brands, Inc.

  • Brand values don’t belong to us
  • Any social event need to continue to support passion
  • Great relationships happen when trust and equity are built everyday and over the long-term

Pillars of social strategy

  • Hearts & minds
  • Motivations and behaviors
  • Place and context
  • Rate of communication

Win hearts & minds

FB each week recognize a fan of the week

2009 1 million Facebook fans, up from 160,000 in late 2008

Keep It Coolatta

Encourage fans to find new and diff ways to show how they keep it Coolatta, for great prizes
Very credible and organic

Prompt motivations and behaviors

How use SM to influence and motivate others?  “The Dunkin Run”

  • Going to DD, want anything? Enable and encourage that behavior
  • Invite your coworkers to fill out the form -> place the order -> take the run
  • Provide the runner with complete and easy ordering mechanism
  • Simple app to standardize behavior that’s already happening
  • Improves order accuracy, speed of service, creates wider net

Consider place and context

  • Cross-media campaign
  • What channels, when, and what is the context
  • What’s the best media

“Create Dunkin’ Next Donut” contest

  • Boosts variety: delicious shapes, “just have to have one” response, like eye-candy in the store
  • Triggers nostalgia: powerful donut memory
  • Name your donut: explain the story behind it, stories about donuts growing up, funny stories
  • What specific ingredient are you dying to have in a donut
  • Celebrates love of people: Elvis donuts
  • Emotion coming through was amazing

Send a virtual donut on Facebook

  • Engage and share: design donut and send to all your friends
  • It’s the thought that counts, even though you can’t eat it
  • Post on Facebook b/c you’re proud
  • Cross-channel campaign. Lasted 3 days, had more entries so had to cut it short
  • Combined with multi mesaging on FB, Dunkin Dave on Twitter
  • Great presence in traditional media and blogs, both during launch and throughout

Designer donut results

  • Nearly 130,000 entries
  • 333,000 donuts created during a 3-week period
  • 3 Million Facebook  impressions via sharing
  • 174,000 votes cast
  • Ave time on site 9+ minutes
  • Winning donut Toffee for Your Coffee
    • In-stores at time of this post
    • So successful has become an annual event

Lessons learned

  • Didn’t start with a nice neat strategy, have had growing pains, stops and starts
  • Come to understand the power of the media and how to engage with it
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Can’t respond to every tweet, post etc
  • Set clear expectations about how can engage in what manner and what frequency
  • Use judgment to ID & understand comments that are gaining momentum and deserve a reply
  • Can turn an issue into an advocacy situation, create opportunities for sharing and collaborating
  • Don’t be a complainer, be an brand advocate
  • Have fun, understand audience, provide apps and audiences that mean a lot to them not just us
  • Dunkin Dave embodies core brand values, keep with who we are and why customers love us
  • 1,700 franchisees, 600 in US
  • entrepreneurs want to do their own thing, have to encourage and control it simultaneously
  • Maintain constant brand image and brand values

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