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Social media book review on video of ‘Likable’ by Dave Kerpen

In our digital age, with more than a million people logged onto Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media outlets daily, the question arises:  Is social media valuable for business?

Dave Kerpen’s book, Likable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistable Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (And Other Social Networks), answers this question.

According to Kerpen, cofounder and CEO of Likeable Media, social media is extremely valuable for business.

In his book, Dave Kerpen looks at social media’s use in businesses: If you create a ‘likeable’ brand on social media platforms, you will be successful in word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen

Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen available at Amazon


Social media is key to word-of-mouth marketing.  It is a powerful tool when making recommendations.  Faster than ever before friends can communicate their opinions on a variety of things, from restaurants, to movies, to books, and beyond!  In order to establish a successful brand image on social media platforms, businesses must be authentic, engage others, and deliver important content.

Likeable Social Media presents 18 strategies to creating a successful brand.  The chapters are broken up into subheadings, and each chapter ends with a call to action.  To further drive home the point, lists and charts are presented to make the topic more understandable.

Notable Likeable chapter’s headings

  • Think and act like your consumer
  • Be authentic
  • Be honest and transparent
  • Don’t sell
  • Make it easy and compelling for customers to buy

Likable Social Media also dives into Facebook

  • Understanding business to business vs. business to customer communication on Facebook
  • Searching Facebook job titles for prospects
  • Explanation of Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm

Likable Social Media, is an informative and succinct read on the importance and impact of social media for businesses.  It emphasizes the value of the quick, yet powerful communication outlets that social media mechanisms provide for people.  Be authentic, engage your consumer, and deliver value to build your brand’s popularity.

Bottom line is, if your brand and market your business effectively online, you will reaps the benefits!  Do you agree?

To hear more of Kerpen’s social media insights, follow him on Twitter

Likable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistable Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (And Other Social Networks

By Dave Kerpen

Published June 7, 2010

Best for: Business owners who want to enhance their brand image and who want their consumers to like them in the digital world.

Facebook for Business 101 by Designated Editor: Branding to Engagement to Ads to ROI



Suzanne McDonald, Designated Editor’s Social & Content Strategist, gave the sold-out room a bevy of strategic tools and ready-to-implement tactics at a 2-hour Newport County Chamber of Commerce seminar on Facebook.

As always with her talks, questions are encouraged and brought up numerous additional points such as:

Q.  What to do if you’re a nonprofit
A.  Utilize Facebook Causes

Q.  How to share on Facebook if you have sensitive or personal or medical information
A.  Remove identifiable specifics but keep the compelling parts

Q.  How to circumvent sharing your personal information and still have a brand page
A.  Follow the lead of teens & set up an alternate personal profile before launching your brand. This may also play a role of you intend to sell your business and its assets

Q.  How to utilize time-saving tools like Hootsuite
A.  Get alerts when people are interacting with your page, also available on smartphones

Q.  Being aware that hashtags are not appropriate for Facebook
A.  It’s easy to post across all platforms at once; be aware of differing norms and etiquette

Q.  The difference between your wall and your newsfeed
A.  Your wall is your visible billboard; your newsfeed is private & custom to you, based on who you Like

Suzanne demonstrated best practices like posting with images and asking your fans questions to boost Likes and engagement. She showcased local brands like Newport Storm beer, the International Yacht Restoration School, Alex and Ani, Ocean State Fresh, and local wedding stylists, who are all engaging and attracting fans on Facebook.

Please see the Facebook slides, above, for more information on

  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook advertising
  • ROI on Facebook

Thanks to Tom Schuyler of Match Light Marketing for sharing insights and some slides.

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