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Beginner New Media Custom Course & Strategy | Designated Editor Email LinkedIn Twitter

Course 1: Beginner New Media Strategy & Campaigns

For the Individual, Small Business, or Educator

Maybe you know Facebook; you Tweet; you are “tied” to your phone – BUT – you really need to learn how to weave the fabric so that you have an effective professional social media campaign. You likely feel up until now that you are all-over-the-place social media-wise.


This Beginner New Media Course is where you learn how to

  Sort through it all to focus on what matters

  Create a campaign and decide which Social Media channels to incorporate

  Pinpoint the most effective target audience(s) and

  Create effective content, based on a clear assessment and on projected effectiveness/goals.


This is a 10-session, 1-to-1 course equips you with the know-how to fully understand new media and execute effectively and efficiently, all with the guidance and attention – in plain English – to help you succeed.


Answering all your New Media questions

What are your New Media efforts as of now? What do you need to add – and subtract? What is your knowledge base – and desired skills? What are your actual needs? What is the best way to fill those needs using New Media? Plus: helping you know every relevant aspect to best drive results, and to reach your target audiences most effectively and efficiently.


What you’ll achieve

Upon completing this course, you will have created and executed a highly successful campaign. You’ll also  understand clearly how to build effective campaigns across multiple channels that boost efficacy without costing more time. And you will be able to continue to grow your campaigns for years to come. Key focus of this Course is that face-to-face is a key aspect of Social Media and campaign use – and it includes how to incorporate face-to-face easily, effectively, and efficiently.

Targeted to your goals, Beginner course may include

  • Analyzing your New Media needs
  • A 360-degree look at all New Media: blogs, websites, social, SEO, PPC, mobile
  • Goal-setting and measuring
  • Analyzing and pinpointing target audience(s)
  • Campaign creation and education for you and your staff
  • Search marketing made easy & SEO trends
  • Trends in Social Media
  • The wide world of Google – and Bing
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • WordPress or website CMS (if needed)
  • Mobile
  • Your website and its relationship to Social Media
  • Blogs and blogging
  • Email marketing and newsletters
  • White Papers
  • Integrated marketing and outreach for your Program
  • Branding via Social Media


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