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New Media Courses & Strategic Consulting

See Results Quickly With Customized New Media Courses

Suzanne McDonald, CEO, Designated Editor

If you’re not seeing measurable results from your New Media – website, social media, SEO, blogs – stop wasting time/money & start charting success. Social media, web, mobile are pervasive, but none has to be all-consuming to be effective.


New England universities have turned to Designated Editor’s Suzanne McDonald to develop courses that prepare both students and professionals for the realities of our New Media world.


Whether you have a mission or a business, Designated Editor’s former Boston Globe journalists will not only design your new media strategy to ensure efficacy but will also teach you how execute efficiently.


All courses are designed to be hands-on with assignments and feedback to build audiences and achieve success, whether you’re boosting sales or donations or enrollment. Learn how to engage with your target audiences effectively & efficiently with customized coaching and courses at your convenience, connecting with Suzanne live via Skype or Google Hangouts.


During a time that best suits you, you will quickly gain

  A solid strategy that eliminates the guesswork, roadblocks, and noise

  Quality content you can use immediately and measure for impact

  How to invoke engagement from others, especially user-generated content – key for busy professionals

  Ability to use analytics and metrics to optimize your strategy and meet your goals

  The know-how and confidence to carry on creating, engaging & measuring


Maybe you’ve listened to webinars and attended conferences but are still seeking results. Stop wasting time and start achieving success with hands-on learning customized to your needs, whether you are just starting out or are leading a global team.


Be efficient & effective in meeting your measured goals


Articulate your

  • Target audiences
  • Optimal channels
  • Desired outcomes &
  • Persona development


Activate your

  • Optimized messaging
  • Efficient content creation &
  • Effective target-audience engagement


Calculate your efficacy with

  • Metrics and analytics
  • Audience refinement &
  • Segmentation strategies


Designated Editor offers individualized consulting and educational services on every aspect of New Media, including but not limited to:

  • Strategy & campaign development
  • SEO & search engine education
  • Pinterest, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn
  • All things Google: YouTube, Google Analytics, Google+
  • Content development, strategy & messaging via blogging, websites, landing pages
  • Email marketing: list development, segmentation, messaging
  • Metrics, analytics & conversion optimization


Whether global or solopreneur, Designated Editor clients have the support they need to attain influential interactions with their target audiences.


Course 1 – New Media for Beginners

For the Individual, Business, or Educator with MINIMAL New Media experience

For the professional who has some experience with at least one social media channel but wants to discover more opportunity via new media. This course starts with a full assessment of your New Media and how it strategically meets your needs – and doesn’t – up until now.


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Course 2 – Boost your ROI with New Media

For the Individual, Business, or Educator with an ESTABLISHED social media program but seeks more engagement and sophistication

Designed for the professional who has some experience in multiple social media channels and wants to develop greater New Media expertise: from Analytics to SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google/Google+ to LinkedIn, WordPress, Website to outreach/strategy, content development/strategy, events and fully integrated marketing/branding. Course begins with a full assessment of your Social Media work to-date and your needs moving forward – with multi-campaign development and support throughout execution. Audience goals are to be met or set up to be reached fully.


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Course 3 – Engage with American Audiences 

For the INTERNATIONAL company looking to reach American audiences fully via New Media

For international individuals, companies and/or educators looking to reach specific American audiences and who want to do that thoroughly, with solid, reachable goals. New Media manifests differently across the globe; what works in your region may flop here. Whether you’re new to New Media or simply need localized expertise, Level 3 is customized to meet your goals and your target audiences effectively and efficiently.


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