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Persona and Audience Strategy

Persona & Audience Strategy Packages Spark Engagement

RIP brand loyalty, if it ever really existed anyway. Instead, find and nurture your brand fans: the wallet-carrying people who matter most to your business. The wonder and wonderment of contemporary sales is myriad channels and sectors and options available to us. The web-sparked democratization of opportunity is endless. Never before has someone had more opportunity to hang a shingle and grow it into profitability. Never before has someone with a very specific need been able to search – and find – the answer to a whim.


How do brands intersect with fans in this world of unprecedented fragmentation?


With careful auditing and thoughtful inquiry, Designated Editor’s experts cultivate and harvest specific audiences, personas, and engagement platforms from which all efforts may stem.


Enlightened with these insights, websites, blogs, social media posts, pins, updates, shares, email blasts, and multichannel content of all flavors blend together into a tasty and tasteful delicacy for your optimal customers … or the folks who you currently wish were customers but maybe don’t even realize it because you’re busy.


With an objectivity your team can never own, DE experts see your brand as your prospects do and create meaningful messaging for them to sink their teeth into. It’s not just marketing research, it’s understanding your readership, just as journalists are trained to do.


Brands must consider what’s worth sharing, from a customer perspective. Designated Editor focuses on understanding your customers and would-be or should-be customers. Who are they and what interests them beyond your product offerings.


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