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Expertise customized to your needs

Content where it counts: Expertise in websites, blogs, social media

Designated Editor’s expertise remains entrenched in mass communications. Daily newspaper experience, most recently The Boston Globe, enhances our interactive style of communicating with audiences: your clients, prospects, or competitors. Designated Editor fully embraces Web 2.0 and Social Media and is continually energized by the all the unfolding possibilities.


Blogging & Social Media build relationships & boost search engine rankings

  • Designated Editor integrates your existing goals
  • Assesses your current online presence
  • Identifies opportunities for engagement &
  • Provides the resources to achieve results


Integrated strategies & solutions are customized to meet your needs, and may include: weekly blog posts, landing page development, editorial calendars, press releases, link-building articles, social media outreach, contests, and campaigns.


Reap strategic, integrated communications with customized packages for a set monthly fee.


We collaborate with PR, SEO, and marketing teams to best serve clients.


Your one-stop for integrated content: How can Designated Editor’s courses and strategy bring your New Media to the next level? Find out now.