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What Should Communications / Marketing Students Know? KoMarketing Advises

KoMarketing Managing Partner and Director of SEO & Social Media Strategies, Derek Edmond, spoke with Suzanne McDonald about developing a new media certificate program at URI. Edmond discussed KoMarketing, what they look for when hiring employees, and what the certificate should include.

KoMarketing and Derek Edmond

KoMarketing is a Boston-based company that helps clients improve their online marketing techniques in the B2B (business to business) space. The agency focuses on search engine marketing and social marketing, basing campaigns on quality content.

KoMarketing as of now has 14 full-time professionals and about half a dozen part-time or contracted positions, according to Edmond, who said as the company’s client base grows, so will its need for new employees.

According to Edmond, it could be arguably called “content marketing because we create content that is designed to either get our clients visibility in search engines, or allow us to engage in social media, one or the other. Or drive leads through both of those channels.”

Edmond has been working in social media marketing for 12 years, and has his MBA from Suffolk University, and a B.S. in Financial Economics from Buffalo State College in New York.

Suggestions for students seeking communications or marketing jobs

Edmond had some suggestions for learning strategies that might help engage students and help make the lessons last beyond learning platforms that will die out long before these students’ careers are over. He recommended using case studies, so students learn the techniques of how to deal with a problem more generally rather than only the tools on a specific platform.

He also recommended consulting experts in particular fields, such as one for SEO and one for third-party publishing, to help the students learn from professionals in the field, make networking connections, and learn a broad scope of techniques.

Edmond suggested students should also focuses on:

  • Branding
  • Reputation management
  • Broad communication strategies
  • Crisis management
  • Measurement

What does KoMarketing look for in potential employees?

“We bring in a lot of people who are going to be both creative and analytical, which sometimes is difficult to combine,” said Edmond. He said the company also looks for creativity, examples of work that they’ve done successfully, and applicants who are able to distinguish themselves from the hundreds of other applications they receive.

Additionally, creativity, hard work, and attention-to-detail are traits that the company looks for in its employees. “You really have to enjoy what you’re doing,” he added, because the job is more demanding on time than other jobs may be, since it requires you to keep up with the constantly changing social media platforms. “So another obvious thing is the desire to always want to learn,” he said.

Edmond added that it might be a good idea to do some pro-bono work for local organizations or friends to build an impressive resume and portfolio and stand out.

Looking to learn more from Derek Edmond? Both Derek and Suzanne are board members of Search Engine Marketing New England networking group, which meets regularly throughout New England.


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