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“Brands Don’t Think Like You Think They Think” with Barbarian Group’s Benjamin Palmer at South by Southwest Interactive 2010

Most interesting session at South by Southwest 2010, confirmed my instinct

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“Brands Don’t Think Like You Think They Think with Barbarian Group’s Benjamin Palmer
South by Southwest Interactive 2010 catalog description:
“One of the hopeful revenue sources for many internet startups is “ad dollars.” How come they don’t usually show up? Turns out that what you think brands want from the internet is not what they want. We will share some tips and insights learned from working with nearly 100 brands in the last decade.”

Brands are built on scale and safety, not novelty

There’s a misunderstanding that brands want what’s next on the internet, but brand managers are not waiting around for what’s hot.

How brand managers see online advertising
  • Good brands trust other good brands: safety in numbers
  • There’s safety in numbers, allow brands to congregate
  • Well-designed sites, apps, etc. are associated with trustworthiness
  • Don’t want more ad space
  • Don’t like banner ads
  • Are interested in reach and scale
  • Want their own brand differentiation
    Brands need to connect with online audiences and traditional agencies don’t solve those problems

Pick Monday sessions at South by Southwest Interactive 2010

Which SXSWi sessions should I blog about?

Energy level is still high; I saw a Tweet that said something along the lines of “gorging on awesomeness.” Like Sunday’s sessions, there’s just so much to choose from, I thought I’d ask which sessions you’d like to hear about.

Here are the options, please comment & scroll down for 5 p.m. (CST) sessions if you’re seeing this late:

Monday, March 15th

Concurrent sessions

Don’t Get Sued! A Guide For Content Creators

Funding Your Projects from the Crowd

Managing Your Content Management System

More concurrent sessions

Best Practices for Contextual Applications

Conducting Great Interviews

Indirect Collaboration: Collective Creativity on the Web

Making Content Relevant To Me, Here And Now

5 p.m. concurrent sessions

Augmented Reality – Gimmicky Trend or Market-Ready Technology?

Coconut Valley – Building a Tech Community on the Beach

Passionate People: The Key Ingredient to Social Media Success

Please comment and thanks for the help!

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Which SXSWi sessions should I blog about?

Thanks to Michelle for voting on Sunday’s SXSW session selections