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Designated Editor Offering Small Group Workshops and Seminars in Newport

New Media Workshops and Seminar Series Offered

The 1,000+ who have turned out for Newport Interactive Marketers event have proven one thing: There’s a great thirst for new media insights. So often the hourlong NIM presentation has merely sparked greater interest, without a means to develop the fundamentals.

Designated Editor has developed 2 distinct learning offerings to place small business owners, entrepreneurs, and others in the new media driver’s seat.

What makes these new media learning opportunities different?

  1. You’ll be doing the work with significant guidance and the opportunity to ask plenty of questions.
  2. Small groups provide an affordable way to learn, and learn by doing.
  3. You’ll be learning from Social & Content Strategist Suzanne McDonald, who teaches university-level courses in Social Media and Event Planning.

Leverage LinkedIn & Twitter: Hands-on Workshop

  • Craft an attractive profile for you and/or for your company
  • Find and connect with key influencers: for employment, sponsorship, or partnerships
  • Utilize LinkedIn’s key features: Groups, Events, Skills, Answers, Recommendations, Reading List, and more
  • We’ll also explore Twitter

Limited opportunity, sign up now & for more info

Facebook for Small Brands: Hands-on Workshop

  • Your Facebook brand page up and running
  • An attractive Facebook Timeline
  • Hands-on experience and Facebook know-how
  • Your questions answered so you’ll know what to do next

Limited opportunity, sign up now & for more info


New Media Small Group Seminar Series

This group will meet weekly for approximately 10 hours total. Bring your laptop to become comfortable & successful using new media:

  • How to update a WordPress website & blog
  • Structuring your blog
  • Developing your editorial calendar
  • Relevant social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc) and
  • Reaching out to bloggers and media

Limited spots available, for more info. Or email Suzanne for a calendar request: Sue(at)DesignatedEditor.com

Google+ Twitter Q & A at Newport Interactive Marketers

Newport Interactive Marketers shared best practices and techniques to using Google+ and Twitter as effective social media platforms.

Michelle Quillin, social media maven of New England Multimedia and Matt Medeiros of Slocum Design, shared their experience and expertise with the #NIM group.

What did the #NIM audience take away from this Newport Interactive Marketers session?

Google+ offers

  • Targeted messaging
  • Social circles and hangouts
  • Makes online life more “real” via sharing abilities

Tips for Google+

  • Categorize your circles
  • Use Google+ circles to target specific people and avoid over-posting
  • Follow back every follower and then reassign to relevant circles
  • Google hangouts a great connect face-to-face
  • Look for people who are following thought-leaders

Google+ takeaways

  • For now, it’s best for marketers
  • Will not kill off Facebook
  • Will Google+ outrank other social mentions in search engine results?
    • Google says no, NIM attendees say yes

Interact on Google+ and Twitter

  • Tune your voice to fit various social media platforms
  • Matt’s take on finding your social media voice
The NIM group had varied opinions on the relevance of both of these platforms for their individual campaigns. Try them out and see what works the best with your audiences.  Then cater your voice to effectively reach out  to your intended audiences.

Thanks to @PRNick, @wordtracker, @kristinzhivago, @rrenfreehawes, @ChristiesNWPT, @HeatherCinOC, and  @NewprtBridgeRun for contributing to the dialogue.

Looking forward to more #NIM conversations!