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What’s new with social media with Chris Bennett @ SMX West 2009 third of three parts

Please enjoy these notes from the SMX West session “What’s new with social media” with Chris Bennett.
Note: Not intended as final copy.

Chris Bennett of 97thFloor.com

Some sites to keep an eye on:

  • Tip’d
  • Kirtsy
  • Sphinn
  • Digg: lots more traction lately

Focus on niche sites related to your site

Links, branding, promotion = have a goal before you get into social media because your goal will dictate where to go

Start with research
By url:  Digg, pick website and search to see how comes up
Keyword: reddit, see what’s showing up by that keyword
Sort by top or historically, recently rated

See what’s working, what’s working in your industry

Niche sites: top 10 social networking sites for women (kirtsy)

Send you authoritative links

Digg isn’t the only option

Good content will get you some visitors. Watch up & coming feature!! The “Linkerati” is

Infographics: work really well

Creating really good content can do a lot and can make up for junky site

—> Social Media for Firefox

  • Tool to build strong sm accounts
  • Use to track and find content
  • Free!

Build a good account on Stumble and wait for ppl to pick it up

Great launch pad, good post will spread it
Have to have really good content, ask ppl to retweet, comment

Create great content, which can generate thousands of hits

If you’re working in an industry that isn’t there yet, get ahead of everyone


Best stuff in social media is current events, talk about something that’s going on, do a little research about it

“15 most expensive divorces”
“Al Gore vs the Hummer”
sell screws “100 ways to screw someone”

use social media to boost organic search, builds links for keywords

Linkerati will get you exposure

People misunderstand the benefits: it’s not about the direct traffic from Digg

It’s just a viability platform: get yourself in front of people who will want to link to you

Social media is a tool for SEO

Learn and understand, participate in a way that creates value

Twitter: people will follow you when follow them

Easytweets: suggests who you should follow based on what you’re interested in
Keywords, automatic tweets

MrTweet.net: follow it and it will direct message to you who you should be following

Bbgeeks.com: search twitter for ppl with blackberry problems, offer free support

Get ppl to do your link-building for you

Be helpful; social media is an extension of customer service

Delicious: whole networking section, have groups and participate to get content much more visible

Roboforms: helps get you registered

After get traction, email the person who linked to you and thank them, get repeated links, watch links, reach out to them, thank them & connect

Never automate submission, titletag most important

What’s new with social media with Gab Goldenberg @ SMX West 2009 second of three parts

The following is intended to be notes and is not intended as final copy. Comments and further conversation are welcome!

What’s new with social media with Gab Goldenberg @ SMX West 2009

Gab Goldenberg

Distribution for writers: once just start, how to build a following

Seth Godin
Wrote for Fast Company for 5 years
Malcolm Gladwell
Wrote and still does for New Yorker
Robert Scoble
Filmed for Microsoft

Producing guest content (blogs, articles) for other people: builds on itself with relationships, snow balls

Portals 2.0
Outsourcing content, can get distribution through them RSS readers
Some feeds are recommended, some by default,
GET ON to These lists

Start Pages
Personalized portal pages, set up account, pick what content you want to see
They also have default options

Browser Toolbars
SEO Book toolbar: bring high-quality traffic

Blog aggregators
Targeted, permission marketing

Advertising content Dos & Don’ts

Read: Dan Zarella blog: DanZarella.com

Video banners: if content is video, ad with video

Text message opt-in lists, get to the text savvy, young

Quantcast linerati demographics
Can target facebook with age, gender, etc

RSS feed advertising

Community ads: YouTube can advertise self, can buy way to the top

Whitepaper or post sponsorship B2B audience

WordPress plugin admin panel links (internal link building, add keyword to pages you choose. 97% of top thousand keywords link Wikipedia)