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Testing websites improves conversions digital experiences – OMMA Metrics

How do marketers know how to create the perfect page for a business?

This OMMA Metrics panel, moderated by Mark Simpson, founder and president of Maxymiser Inc., leads a creative group of CEOs and directors on multivariate testing – a way to create the best digital experience for your business objectives.

This panel further breaks down multivariate testing to explain how to plan, measure, and analyze tests to improve site conversion and revenue for a webpage.


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What is multivariate testing?

  • Multivariate testing studies more elements than standard A/B testing or Champion/Challenger testing.
  • It studies colors, creative, animation, calls to action, and other website components to measure user experience.
  • After multivariate testing, marketers are able to determine the best way to improve a website for a business’ benefit.

Testing tips:  You can’t improve what you can’t measure

Testing is not a strategy nor an end goal

  • Learn from tests
  • Utilize tests to inform strategic choices
  • Evaluate and contrast ideas
  • Look at how your testing fits alongside competitors’ behaviors

Start a test

  • Form a hypothesis
  • Form a learning agenda
  • Test what’s worthwhile
  • Be timely – Articles, the primary media product, has a lifespan of 7 hours ~ @DennisMortensen

Customer-centric testing

  • Stay focused on customers, not IT / infrastructure ~ @dbrussin
  • Audience audit = how site traffic indexes against certain categories or behaviors – can be revealing for media buys and audience prospecting
  • Optimization requires an understanding of CRM interactions, retail catalog & products ~ @dbrussin

Which elements should be tested for multivariate testing?

  • Content
  • Headline
  • Image

A/B vs. Multivariate Testing

  • Knowing the difference between them is not the issue
  • It’s knowing WHEN to use them to get the best results

Know what key performance indicators (KPIs) you seek

  • Not just click-throughs but return visitation
  • Testing click-through is tip of iceberg. Measuring scenario completion, what generates revenue
  • CTR & conversions are only aspects of optimization
  • Move toward conversion indicators/success events
  • Segmentation can be driven by clicks and mentions

Testing & social media

  • Helps brand form their identities
  • Learn how brand is viewed, where it can be found
  • Create landing pages

Why testing matters

  • Similar to what gets measured gets done, what gets tested should get learned ~ Art Muldoon
  • Use multivariate testing to ensure marketing efforts/assets are optimally invested.

Digital marketing: Simple or complicated? OMMA Metrics

Let’s face it:  Digital marketing can be messy.  Everyday, new technologies, channels, and websites are created to make the Internet more cluttered.  Along with the changing Internet landscape, our society is constantly reacting and adapting to the changes.  There is always something new to learn and adjust to.

Why can’t the World Wide Web just be simple?

OMMA Metrics Keynote, Alex Yoder, CEO of Webtrends, shares his perspective on our very digital world.  To keep up in this digital age, one must plan and accept for inevitable and constant change.  Empowerment over the unpredictable is needed.


  • Shelf life of a thought or mistake is really short
    • Enable greater experimentation

Adapt to change

  • Tear down silos
  • Create incentives to bring forces together
  • Give folks the tools to be effective

No need to audit the past, but research for the future – stop justifying

Best marketing tips

Change is inevitable in the World Wide Web.  To stay afloat in our digital age, don’t shy away from change. Face it, embrace it.  And remember, always be true to your customers by presenting relevant, up-to-date content.