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Attracting coupon-shoppers: Implementing a successful coupon strategy

Coupon implementation tips from Travis Cox, eCommerce manager at ICON Health & Fitness
at Affiliate Summit East 2010

Why bother with coupons?

  • Converts fence-sitters
  • People feel as if they’re getting some type of deal
  • Convert deal-seekers
  • You can always have some type of sale without throwing away margin

Feeding the coupon-shoppers

  • Deliver to those who won’t buy without one
  • Use dynamic links, not codes b/c they get abused, can’t be used for phone orders
  • Be exclusive
  • Use keyword-related terms
  • Determine how much of your sales you want coming from coupons, can dial it back

Performance marketing is really about relevance – Don Mathis, Epic Advertising @ Affiliate Summit East 09

Key Trends in Performance Marketing: Performance Is Really About Relevance

Don Mathis CEO, Epic Advertising

Offline equivalent = direct mail

A lot of people don’t know what Performance or Affiliate Marketing really is

  • Affiliate is a media buyer = CPC, display, email or combined
  • Publisher is someone who has a site and puts up content
    • Blog posting content focused on long-tail, they want to publish, make money is secondary


  • Shifting from brand spend to more sophisticated performance models
  • Mainstream traditional advertising declining
  • Online is healthy
  • Now affiliates and publishers are hybridizing: hard to define and to manage them
  • People buy terms on Google to sell to Blockbuster and Netflix, have more content, boosts quality scores
  • No longer just thin landing pages to a couple dozen pages that drives organic as well
  • Monetize more robustly

What do the trends mean?
    o    Opportunity
    o    Advertisers and agencies need to become more creative and diversify
    o    Ad networks need to target better
    o    Pubs need to utilize networks for success & keep up w/ what ads need for success

Inference, reference, relevance

Need to focus on
    o    Playing by the rules: Attract larger advertisers
    o    Technology & targeting: Provide better ROI
    o    Education: Evangelize everyone on the win-wins