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Solopreneurs’ Guide to New Media


How to Efficiently and Effectively Manage Social Media and Everything Else


There’s little time for marketing for busy consultants and specialists, but it’s what keeps the cash flowing. Fast-track to efficient and effective marketing via New Media: social, blogs, email, search, and more. What works and how you can get it done efficiently.


Former Boston Globe journalist, Suzanne McDonald is founder and chief strategist of Designated Editor: Winner of the 2014 International Business Award — ‘Internet / New Media Company of the Year.’


Designated Editor teaches individuals, educators & companies how to create influential interactions & eliminate social media insanity via customized courses & strategic consulting.


You may know Suzanne already through Newport Interactive Marketers networking-learning group, which gathers 50+ attendees monthly for networking and an expert speaker.


She is currently developing the curriculum for URI’s social media certificate and previously developed and taught Social Media Strategies as well as Event Planning and New Media.


What is some of the important information you can learn from Designated Editor?

  • Keyword and hashtag tips and tools that will make your content pop off the search pages.
  • Advice on how to make your blog helpful, not boring.
  • Suggestions for other sites and tools that will help your organization and efficiency.
  • Ways to define and target your audience.
  • Once defined, we help you engage that demographic of users.
  • Decide where to post particular messages or posts to interact with the right audience.
  • Learn the ways to make email marketing low-cost, consistent and useful.
  • Coordinate and organize events while increasing the number of people who attend events.
  • Make your ad space count for the biggest ROI (return on interest).
  • Explore how in-person and traditional marketing can work cohesively with new media marketing strategies.
  • Use analytic tools to measure how effectively your outreach is working.


Learn the specifics of these crucial social media marketing strategies from the slideshow above, and sign up for a consultation with Designated Editor soon. You may also be interested in Newport Interactive Marketers to join a bigger conversation and attend informative networking events.

Behind the Scenes of Viral Video Award-winner Ticknado

By Dacia Daly, TickEncounter TickSmart Social Media intern


Have you heard of “Sharknado?” If you haven’t, here’s a quick introduction: “Sharknado” is a made-for-TV horror movie about a  freak hurricane that lifts sharks out of the ocean and throws them into LA.  Sound too far-fetched? Well, not only did last summer’s hilariously bad trailer go viral but “Sharknado 2” was just released. Check out the trailer below (it’s really too funny to pass up!) to see exactly what I’m talking about.

‘Sharknado’ – Ticknado’s Inspiration!

Ticknado – Be Prepared!


The silly subject matter of the movie got people talking, which caused the video to be a hit on Twitter. The trailer was primarily the only marketing for the movie, but it sparked so much interest that it became one of SyFy’s most successful films ever.

The TickEncounter social media team saw this, and wanted to get a piece of the action. So, we decided to make our own “ticky” version of the movie: Ticknado! When we were first presented with the idea, I was a little hesitant. How could we make ticks as scary as sharks, and how much would my acting skills (or lack there-of) affect our film?

Luckily, my worries were for nothing. Sue broke the ice by dressing up as a giant tick and her enthusiasm was contagious. The other student interns really got into their “characters” and made acting like we were caught in a storm of ticks a fun experience.  Actually, my favorite part of making the film was watching all of our mistakes. Who doesn’t love the bloopers? When we were shown the final product, I was excited about what we had created. I truly felt that we’d turned normally “boring” or “gross” material into an entertaining short film.

The social media team, along with Dr. Tom Mather, and TickEncounter’s Director of New Media Brian Mullen created Ticknado with the goal of increasing awareness about tick-disease and prevention. Apparently, it worked!  Ticknado recently won the award for the 2013 Viral Video from Strategic Video’s Awards. The Strategic Video awards judge videos on the effectiveness of their message instead of pure video quality.

I believe that the viral quality of the video is due to the entertaining nature of the film. Unlike most public service announcements, Ticknado presents normally dry information with a humorous twist. While there are few people who would share a video about tick facts, people love to find and share funny videos.  Hopefully, Ticknado will follow the huge viral trend of its inspiration Sharknado.


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What does it take to go viral? Is it even worth trying? Share your thoughts and insights with a quick comment.


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