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“Content is more important than ever before” Jonathan Kranz at New England EXPO for Business

How businesses are being changing by social media, moderator John Cass
Sponsored by the American Marketing Association Boston Chapter
New England EXPO for Business 5/19/09

Bob Cargill, Nowspeed Marketing
Ave employee trusted more than CEO

Mike Volpe HubSpot
As a marketer, think more like a publisher than an advertiser, use content to get found in SEO, engage with people in social media

People missing huge portion of equation if only focus on social media, should be publishing

Jonathan Kranz, “Writing Copy for Dummies”

Web like train station: first place where people contact you, place to find your intel, direct them to your intel

Social media: question is, should or not engage in blogs, Twitter etc., what is right mix of tools and platforms that matches best with your targets and how they communicate. Communicate with your prospects and customers where they are

Content is more important than ever before. It’s attracting customers and prospects with something they’ll find valuable or even entertaining

Marc Fireman, Fleishman-Hillard

Now in networked model and you can’t control your message
Consideration and preference is being developed in social media, e-tail sites
Campaigns used to last months, social media is far longer
Social Media is like an event, you need the human element, invite people to try things, listen to what they say

Mike Think about allocating media budget and more about hiring people to publish the media in-house,

Jonathan authenticity isn’t good enough, have to show reasons why people should engage with us. “We’re the ones with candy and flowers ate the door”

Bob advertising in social media vs engagement

Marc provide relevance and benefit, not just sales; have means to have deeper conversation with these people, it’s not I need to make a sale today

John (moderator) What about traditional media?

Jonathan What journalists don’t realize is there’s no better time to be a professional communicator. Thanks again for mentioning our conversation earlier today and plugging Designated Editor

Marc Just start, you can’t learn it from a book, have to understand what’s happening. Build it, and they will come.

Jonathan Start with just reading and watching, get a sense of the lay of the land

Mike Can’t ignore that this is happening. Someone is saying something about you. You’re already getting negative feedback, may as well as be there to respond

Mike outbound marketing is being ignored. It’s not about just social media, it’s about putting it all together. Location-based services

Jonathan Wonder if the next big thing is going to be aggregation, so many places to look

Mike SEO, blog, all assets that you build, measure and see returns over time

John (moderator) How is Twitter changing digital marketing

Mike speeding things up what’s happening this particular nanosecond

Audience question How much extra time are you spending on this, on top of your traditional tasks?

have editorial calendar, schedule blogs, YouTube videos

Mike it’s intertwined throughout marketing and involved ppl outside

Jonathan Still wrestling with keeping up, focus on quality vs quantity

Marc Spend 1-2 hours per day extra on social media efforts

Stephen Jenvey on social media: “This Is R&D. Fail Fast, Fail Often” at Boston AMA’s “Implementing Social Media Into Your Strategic Marketing Plan”

Boston AMA’s “Implementing Social Media Into Your Strategic Marketing Plan”  April 30

Stephen Jenvey, Partner & Social Media Consultant, b4south

Have to believe in what you’re doing and measure everything do. This is R&D. Fail fast, fail often, build credible data, it speaks for itself

Justin Levy, General Manager, New Market Labs

Can’t start and then 3 months later stop. Have to hussle and engage. Listen is the most important thing you can do. Get on those sites to save your name and business brand

Don’t look for experts, look for the people who hussle & execute

Mike Lewis, VP of Marketing, Awareness Social Media Marketing

Capture data, awareness system, tied into database, know much more about clients, can integrate basic profile info & behavioral info: what they’re posting, what they’re buying,
JetBlue using SM the right way

Jay Welz, VP of Marketing, Dana Farber

Twitter person has a voice, is more personal, have polls, what should we do with this or that

Hired people who didn’t even have Facebook or Twitter accounts

Twitter: don’t ask for money, build awareness, check out video