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Google AdWords with Speaker: Michael Briggs, VP Search Strategies @ Website Publicity, hosted by Boston SEO Internet Marketing Networking Group

Highlights from last night’s Boston SEO Internet Marketing Networking Group (4/6/09)

Please note this information is provided as a glimpse into this group and topics covered. These are just notes and are not intended to represent final text. Comments, clarifications and other discussions are welcome.

For more information on this meetup: www.meetup.com/BostonSEO/calendar/9671609/?a=cr1p_grp

Speaker: Michael Briggs, VP Search Strategies @ Website Publicity

Google AdWords

slides available @ websitepublicity.com/meetup

2 points to lower cost: reduce clicks or reduce cost of each click

Reduce clicks: block clicks that don’t convert, max converting traffic

Use conversion tracking or analytics to achieve this

Broad match

  •     Allows Google to perform matches
  •     Pro: better than a human
  •     Con: Will get worthless clicks
  •     Best for: Looking for additional ad groupings & refine the results

Use the right match type   

  •     Use phrases
  •     Bid higher on phrase match: keep general terms on broad match and monitor
  •     Bid lower — use to harvest new terms
  •     Add phrase match negatives, not broad negatives
  •     Create new ad groups

Where to put money

  •     ID best converting ad groups
  •     Ensure they have 100% impression share
  •     Don’t spread money too thinly

When launch campaign

  • Look for themes in your ad groups
  • Add text that speaks specifically to each group
  • Start w 10-25 keywords per ad group max
  • Adjust for optimal timing: bid more for active day of week/time of day

Improve quality score

  •     Comes from click-thru rate (only scores on exact match)
  •     Relevance and landing page search to keyword and search query relevance
  •     Page load time, privacy policy have miniscule impact

Too many keywords will overwhelm your quality score

  • Really need targeted landing page
  • Make sure ad text meets searchers’ expectations

Adgroup guides

  •     Central theme 10-25 keywords
  •     Ad groups for individual products and services
  •     Don’t mix keyword themes

Anything 7 and above is good
If can’t pull it up, ditch it
Trim out the no-clicks, “death by 1,000 paper cuts”

Add text continually

  • With offers, savings, discounts
  • Don’t throw away the winner or bid against it
  • Track conversions
  • Don’t let Google optimize your ads for you

Discussion afterward focused on:

1. Paid vs organic search
    Organic is 3x more effective than paid
    Can control paid side better, can generally convert those better

2.  Jim Manning of Jungle Jim’s balloon artist (junglejimboston.com): Resources for just starting a site?
    Lots of voices for don’t read too much just write and be true to self
    Some responses advocate be sure you understand your customer
    My 2 cents: Check out David Meerman Scott’s books

“Painless Networking” with International Association of Business Communicators

Disclaimer: These are notes, designed to refresh attendees’ memories or to give an idea of what you missed.
This is not representative of final copy.

An easy group to network with, fantastic apps (thanks Lauren for asking about food allergies), and a list of attendees handed out at the door. Jodi makes etiquette fun (she’s quick with the wit) and engaging, not preachy or stuffy.

Description from the website yankeeiabc.org/?page_id=17

“Whether you are new to networking or an experienced pro who justneeds a refresher, come learn how to handle business situations fromconferences to cocktail parties with poise and confidence as Jodi R. R.Smith of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting mannersmith.com shares her expertise.

“This is an interactive program designed to be both educational andentertaining. You will have the opportunity to practice what you learnduring the program. Jodi will cover the following topics:

  • What to know before you go
  • Nametags: Where they go and why
  • Handshakes: Lessons from Goldilocks
  • Introductions: What they say about you
  • Body language: What you are really saying
  • Conversation: Business versus social
  • Connecting with clients and customers
  • Building business relationships”


Etiquette: Having confidence in yourself and making those around you comfortable

A little bit of polish can go a long way: Confidence, making others feel at ease helps when clients are deciding between too competent consultants.

Present the best you possible

Name tags: wear on your right side, the eye follows up your arm and avoids scanning


  • It takes just 5-7 seconds to make good first impression: Visual imprint, body language, tone of voice
  • 14 positive interactions to overcome negative impression

Snippet starter, use when introducing self
You can control what you’ll be talking about by preparing a snippet. You can build a connection between your name and something you want to talk about.

  • Small piece of info about self that forces other person to ask a ?
  • Always try to be in 1 on 1 when networking
  • Get the other person to be in an active role rather than glaze over

5-8 minutes per convo at any stand-up event, always leave on a high, longer you talk the more likely you say something boring, leave them hanging and wanting more

Follow-up with any hot leads 2-3 biz days, warm leads 2-3 weeks

Unless they specifically say call me: don’t call

Write a note, not an email. Really short: was pleasure to meet you at the conf yesterday, enjoyed our convo about xx, would enjoy speaking more about.

Call 2 days after they received it; ask to meet for cup of coffee

Meeting them isn’t really networking, it’s all in the follow-up