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Designated Editor Wins International Business Award: Internet New Media Company of the Year

International Business Awards winner: Company, Innovator, & Executive of the Year

The Designated Editor team is proud to announce that it has won three globally competitive Stevie International Business Awards for 2014: Gold for Company of the Year – Internet / New Media, Silver for Innovator of the Year, and Silver for Executive of the Year – Internet / New Media.

IBA 2014 Stevie Gold Award

Designated Editor won the IBA 2014 Gold Award for Company of the Year – Internet / New Media.

The Stevie Awards are one of the highest honors in the business community, started in 2002 to “honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide,” according to its website.

Over 3,500 submissions were received by the International Business Awards this year from a wide variety of industries and from over 60 countries and territories. Entries came from for- and non-profits, from large and small businesses, and from public and private companies alike.

Judging for Stevie Awards go through two phases. In the first phase, entries are judged on a scale of 1 – 10 by five judges and those that score higher than an average of 7.0 move on to the final round of judging. Entries are then scored by another group of judges, and these scores determine who places Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Designated Editor and its CEO Suzanne McDonald are honored to receive these particular awards as they reflect the hard work and innovation that has characterized this company since its inception. McDonald and her team work for their clients, to improve their businesses and lives, rather than for awards – but the Designated Editor team is still extremely proud to be recognized for exceptional achievements and success in the field.

The awards reception at the Westin Paris – Vendôme Hotel in Paris, France, was amazing on October 10.

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Behind the Scenes of Viral Video Award-winner Ticknado

By Dacia Daly, TickEncounter TickSmart Social Media intern


Have you heard of “Sharknado?” If you haven’t, here’s a quick introduction: “Sharknado” is a made-for-TV horror movie about a  freak hurricane that lifts sharks out of the ocean and throws them into LA.  Sound too far-fetched? Well, not only did last summer’s hilariously bad trailer go viral but “Sharknado 2” was just released. Check out the trailer below (it’s really too funny to pass up!) to see exactly what I’m talking about.

‘Sharknado’ – Ticknado’s Inspiration!

Ticknado – Be Prepared!


The silly subject matter of the movie got people talking, which caused the video to be a hit on Twitter. The trailer was primarily the only marketing for the movie, but it sparked so much interest that it became one of SyFy’s most successful films ever.

The TickEncounter social media team saw this, and wanted to get a piece of the action. So, we decided to make our own “ticky” version of the movie: Ticknado! When we were first presented with the idea, I was a little hesitant. How could we make ticks as scary as sharks, and how much would my acting skills (or lack there-of) affect our film?

Luckily, my worries were for nothing. Sue broke the ice by dressing up as a giant tick and her enthusiasm was contagious. The other student interns really got into their “characters” and made acting like we were caught in a storm of ticks a fun experience.  Actually, my favorite part of making the film was watching all of our mistakes. Who doesn’t love the bloopers? When we were shown the final product, I was excited about what we had created. I truly felt that we’d turned normally “boring” or “gross” material into an entertaining short film.

The social media team, along with Dr. Tom Mather, and TickEncounter’s Director of New Media Brian Mullen created Ticknado with the goal of increasing awareness about tick-disease and prevention. Apparently, it worked!  Ticknado recently won the award for the 2013 Viral Video from Strategic Video’s Awards. The Strategic Video awards judge videos on the effectiveness of their message instead of pure video quality.

I believe that the viral quality of the video is due to the entertaining nature of the film. Unlike most public service announcements, Ticknado presents normally dry information with a humorous twist. While there are few people who would share a video about tick facts, people love to find and share funny videos.  Hopefully, Ticknado will follow the huge viral trend of its inspiration Sharknado.


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What does it take to go viral? Is it even worth trying? Share your thoughts and insights with a quick comment.


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