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Designated Editor Wins International Business Award: Internet New Media Company of the Year

International Business Awards winner: Company, Innovator, & Executive of the Year

The Designated Editor team is proud to announce that it has won three globally competitive Stevie International Business Awards for 2014: Gold for Company of the Year – Internet / New Media, Silver for Innovator of the Year, and Silver for Executive of the Year – Internet / New Media.

IBA 2014 Stevie Gold Award

Designated Editor won the IBA 2014 Gold Award for Company of the Year – Internet / New Media.

The Stevie Awards are one of the highest honors in the business community, started in 2002 to “honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide,” according to its website.

Over 3,500 submissions were received by the International Business Awards this year from a wide variety of industries and from over 60 countries and territories. Entries came from for- and non-profits, from large and small businesses, and from public and private companies alike.

Judging for Stevie Awards go through two phases. In the first phase, entries are judged on a scale of 1 – 10 by five judges and those that score higher than an average of 7.0 move on to the final round of judging. Entries are then scored by another group of judges, and these scores determine who places Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Designated Editor and its CEO Suzanne McDonald are honored to receive these particular awards as they reflect the hard work and innovation that has characterized this company since its inception. McDonald and her team work for their clients, to improve their businesses and lives, rather than for awards – but the Designated Editor team is still extremely proud to be recognized for exceptional achievements and success in the field.

The awards reception at the Westin Paris – Vendôme Hotel in Paris, France, was amazing on October 10.

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Suzanne McDonald discusses social media, women in business on the Dr. Pat Show

The Dr. Pat Show

Dr. Pat discusses social media and being a woman in business with President of Designated Editor Suzanne McDonald.



Are women too reluctant to seek deserved recognition?

Dr. Pat Baccili hosts an online radio talk show which focuses on positive transformation. Dr. Pat is a “coach, teacher, adviser, inspirational speaker, consultant, and internationally acclaimed radio personality,” and won the 2013 Stevie Award Winner for Women Helping Women in Business and Management Team of the Year. Through the Dr. Pat Show and her consultations she encourages others to rid their lives of the “Crust” that holds them back and instead push themselves to do what they would want to achieve if they were not afraid to fail.

President of Designated Editor Suzanne McDonald sat down with her to talk about many topics, including what it’s like to be women in innovative fields, like social media and internet radio. As two Stevie Award Winners, they discussed how it feels to be recognized as innovators in their fields.

Dr. Pat said, “Passion and purpose come before all the awards and the accolades,” and that women tend to not see what they’re doing as “award-worthy.” She laughed that she even feels too busy for awards. “Does that take more than five minutes?” she joked.

McDonald agreed that “This is one of the failings of many women. We’re very humble about what we do – it’s just what we do.”

Dr. Pat asked McDonald what makes Designated Editor different from other technology companies, and she answered that she doesn’t see herself as a technology person, but first and foremost as a communicator.

When asked what McDonald’s personal message is, she replied, “Give yourself time to develop a vision and think about what you want that reality to be in your future, or to help other people, and keep that at the forefront of what you do.”

McDonald showed she’s taken her own advice when she described her own work, including the TickSmart campaign that gained much traction online with the help of four student interns and two other social media experts and included the viral video, Ticknado, and Newport Interactive Marketers, a series of events and guest speakers she organizes that teaches and discusses innovative and effective ways of using social media.

Listen to the podcast for more insights on social media, including how busy people can benefit from it most.
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