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Interns aka digital natives at the Social Media Social


Interns aka digital natives meet pros at the Social Media Social

By Jaclyn Liva
University of Rhode Island

Social Media is being used in almost everyone’s lives constantly throughout the day. The URI Student-led Public Relations Society recently hosted the first-ever Social Media Social. Several students that belong to the University’s Harrington School of Communication were in attendance, along with many Newport Interactive Marketers members and small businesses looking for interns.

University of Rhode Island Social Media professor Suzanne McDonald, founder of NIM, kicked off the event with an informative speech on how the need for digital natives is increasing. It was a great because the students there are all familiar in social media, aka digital natives. Her presentation is available on SlideShare and focuses on “Crossing the Digital Divide” between digital natives (student-interns) and busy professionals.

The Social was an opportunity for students to socialize with business owners and other professionals who are seeking help with social media for their businesses. Suzanne also talked about how important a LinkedIn profile is to have.

Shawn Simmons, Director Public Relations at StyleWeek Providence, @StyleWeekPR was also a keynote speaker at the social. He discussed the importance of branding yourself and offered tips on how to discover your brand. Shawn advised everyone to keep in mind that what other people say about your brand is much more important than what you design your brand to be.

During the event, there was a live Twitter stream onstage. People were tweeting and retweeting questions for the social media experts panel. And #URI_PRS was trending. One student tweeted: “How important are recommendations from co-workers and bosses on LinkedIn?”  The question was answered almost instantly by one of the panelists: crucially important.

It was nice to see even the keynote speakers tweet from the audience. It made the atmosphere of the Social feel much more open.

The Social Media Social panel featured

These pros deftly handled numerous questions and stressed the fact that everything that is put on the Internet will forever live in cyberspace.

The Social Media Social came to an end with a networking session. This gave everyone in attendance the opportunity to meet, mingle, and explore internship opportunities over free ice cream!

Personas before keywords in search marketing

Personas ahead of keywords and links … oh my

Learn about your audience to generate ROI was the topic of December’s Search Engine Marketing New England event, featuring Michael King, SEO Manager at Publicis Modem.

This SEO pro shares his keen knowledge on the use of searcher personas to connect and transfer user experience to conversion and return on investment.  Michael’s presentation shows how to acquire demographic data on your target audience through researching keywords, extracting data, and other methods of discovery.

Use Michael’s knowledge and tools to get real predictable ROI for search engine marketing.

Understand people

  • Think about the needs people are trying to fulfill when they search. Does your content fulfill that need?
  • Use social listening to determine personas of your audience, then define information architecture with keywords
  • Social listening does not taint the opinions of your viewers because they don’t know you’re in the room listening
  • SEOs absolutely need to be involved with the user experience; its what’s going to get things to convert
  • Who the people are comes before keyword research


  • Use these to reach out to your intended audience
  • Define keyword opportunities based upon the personas of your audience and inform keyword research
  • Figure out which keywords are worth more to you based on persona and then spend more time on those


  • Talk and engage with people like REAL people when link building
  • Personas are the key to scalable link-building
  • Social search becoming more influential so build your networks: rel-me and rel-author
  • Start the link-building relationship on Twitter before you move to email
  • Need an authoritative persona on Twitter before you reach out to potential linkers. Discover who they are via knowem
  • Get involved in conversations, not just spamming: Quickly invite following, go to direct messaging, and then talk links
  • Use followerwonk for link-building opportunities

Tools to measure demographics


  • Target audience should be viewed in context, who are their influencers?
  • Reach out to influencers via Twitter

Good content

  • Use Chrome scraper to grab content into Google Docs
  • Offer people value, show them content they might not have known about, post awesome articles
  • Do promotions that encourage your link prospects to tweet and blog to win prizes
  • Use knowledge of who is on your site (visitors logged into Facebook) to give responsive designs based upon personas
  • Your site needs to address what your target really wants

Readers: What percentage of SEOs consider keywords before personas?